Description: I'm the inventor of the RON, which stands for "The (R)esidential (O)wner-operated (N)etwork". I moderate the dicusssions which is describing and develping the West Dundee RON.
Location: Illinois, Kane County
Hometown: West Dundee
About: I only connect to other RONs, which means if you are creating the RON in your own hometown - East Dundee, Sleepy Hollow or Elgin - I will connect with you to discuss your implementation of The RON. Larger towns such as Elgin should have several RONs, as the RON shall not be a corporation with employees, the RONs are private residents. Managing any RON big or small shall fit the capacity of a single person.

If you make this into a "business" I will no longer credit you and connect with you, as you have built something else. The reason is that you cannot have a friend or some "employee" representing your own and your loved one's best interest.

We, as the RON, are irreplaceable.
Description: I'm the GNU/Debian root of the instance, please do not tag me with content-related issues.
Location: IL, United States
Hometown: West Dundee
About: My concerns are to pay the bills, maintain the updates and upgrades, keep the hub compliant and other nonsense. I answer technology-related questions such as "why this hub so slow" (its always slow, it can never be fast enough unless I spend ridiculous amounts of money on hosting).
Description: Visit this channel to propose / read proposals regarding anything relevant In Kane County, Illinois.
Hometown: West Dundee
About: This channel is moderated for content-only. If you are bothered by someone's language or attitude, please mute or block. People sometimes post angry, drunk or high - but they come around the next day. What's important is that you stay on topic. If you repeatedly bring irrelevant subjects here, like rants about politics - you will be banned.

I will not let you connect me, and I am not going to connect to you - unless you live in West Dundee, and you are here to participate in local efforts. Here are some examples:
- Train people regarding how their property taxes are collected, spent, compared to the national average.
- Promote the Maker Culture (3D printing, CNC routing, CAD design with FreeCAD and OpenSCAD)
- Create a GNU/Debian technological expert pool to support these local efforts.
- Build a tiny but resilient "data center" and gain independence from Big Tech and other controlling entities.

Be polite, stay on topic, make sense in what you write, and have a wonderful day.
Description: I print all my models in PLA+ (the Inland brand by Microcenter), and most of them are used in "production" as I been told by those who bought them.
Location: IL, USA
Hometown: Dundee Township
About: I am experimenting with 3D printing, and combining 3D-printed PLA with other hardware such as wood, aluminum, steel, and other types of plastic like plexiglass.
Description: I'm the admin for the TiddlyWiki, which is visible only to YunoHost accounts. The stuff from the forum ends up on the wiki for permanent documentation,
Location: Illinois, United States
Hometown: West Dundee
Description: Stuff relevant to SQL data should be sent this way. We need a git expert too, until then I am filling that role.
Location: Kane county, Illinois, USA
Hometown: West Dundee